Marriage Tune Up

ust like your car needs maintenance to keep smaller problems from becoming major repairs, or even a break down, so does your marriage.  Marriage Tune Up is a comprehensive marriage evaluation tool designed to spot problem areas in your marriage, as well as your strengths, to help you make corrections which can prevent more serious problems later on.  Included in your Marriage Tune Up is a confidential marriage evaulation measuring 20 key aspects of your marriage, and a one hour feed back session with Dr. Paul who will go over your results and give you concrete action steps to improve the weak areas of your marriage.  The evaluation can be completed in your own home, and if you are not local to the Philadelphia area, your feedback session can take place over the phone or by video cam over the internet. 

To sign up for your Marriage Tune Up, or to find out more information, use the feedback form below or contact Dr. Paul’s office at 215-947-6465. 

Marriage Tune Up Details

So just what is this?  It involves you and your spouse each independently taking a marriage evaluation where you answer about 150 questions covering the following areas of your relationship:

Relational Issues
Marriage Satisfaction
Conflict Resolution
Personality Issues
Leisure Activities
Family and Friends
Marital Roles
Spiritual Issues

Personality Assessment
Partner Dominance

Family of Origin and Its Impact on Your Marriage

Dr. Paul will take the results, evaluate them, and set up a time to discuss them with you and your spouse in person or by phone, or internet video link.  At your sessioon he will share your relationship strengths and weaknesss,  and give you specific suggestions and handouts on how to improve your weak areas.

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