Past Speaking Events


October 21  St. Marks Church, Philadelphia, PA

November 3  CCEF Annual Conference, Valley Forge Convention Center

November 10  Philadelphia Biblical University Ministry Conference, Langhorne, PA

November 21  Davisville Church Prime Timers, Southampton PA

December 2  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

December 16  Pinelands Community Church, Egg Harbour, NJ


February 9  
Grace Bible Fellowship Church, Reading PA – Greater Reading Gathering of Reformed Evangelicals Conference, speaking on “Grace in the Family”

February 10  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

March 9 Pinelands Community Church, Egg Harbour, NJ

March 30  Community Bible Church, Marietta, PA – Small Group Leader Training

April 20  New Life Community Church, Huntingdon Valley, PA

May 4  Pinelands Community Church, Egg Harbour, NJ

May 18  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

June 3  Lower Bucks MOPS, Small Group Leader Training

July 6  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

July 13  Beadle Memorial Presbyterian Church, Cape May, NJ

July 18-19  Living Hope Presbyterian Church, Columbia MD, Marriage and Family Retreat

August 3  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA 

August 5  Calvary Memorial Church, Philadelphia, PA

October 26  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

November 2  Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Abington, PA

December 24  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA


January 18  
Interview with Betsy Hart on her program, It Takes a Parent, WYLL Chicago.  Topic:  Surviving and Thriving in Your Marriage During the Teen Years

January 25  Betsy Hart, It Takes a Parent, WYLL Chicago.  Surviving And Thriving in Your Marriage During the Teen Years, Part 2.

February 5  Lower Bucks MOPS:  Getting Him to Value Your Marriage More

February 8  Davisville Church.  Small Group Leader Training

February 24-26 International Critical Incident Stress Foundation Conference, Baltimore, MD

March 2  Huntingdon Valley Fire Co., Critical Incident Stress Management

March 21  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

March 22 Community Bible Church, Marietta, PA  Small Group Leader Training

May 3  Bucks County Community College, CISM Overview

May 4-6  Mission Mid-Atlantic Pastor’s Conference, Sandy Cove, MD

May 17  Warrington Fellowship Church, Warrington, PA

May 18  Huntingdon Valley Fire Company, Team Building

May 24  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

June 5-6  Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Men’s Retreat, Family Covenant

June 11-22  Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  World Team Conference, Marriage Seminar

July 12  Beadle Memorial Presbyterian Church, Cape May Point, NJ

July 26  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

September 6  North Shore Community Church, Oyster Bay, NY 

October 9-11  Spruce Lake Retreat, PA  North Shore Community Church Retreat

October 15  Willow Grove Fire Company, Willow Grove, PA Team Building

October 17  Lancaster Bible College, Church Counseling Ministry, Lecture/Panel

October 18  
Davisville Church, Southampton, PA, Marriage Tune-Up

October 21  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA Prime Timers

November 11  Community Bible Church, Marietta, PA  Helping People with Problems in the Church.


January 7  
Lower Bucks MOPS:  Relationships and Conflict Resolution

January 14  Lower Bucks MOPS:  Relationships and Conflict Resolution

February 24  Davisville Church:  Cultivating Your Relationship with Your Daughter

March 5-6   Calvary Memorial Church, Phila., PA:  Men’s Retreat

March 27  Chinese Christian Church, Phila., PA:  Marriage Seminar

April 17  Firefighter Memorial Service, Norristown, PA

April 20-22  Mars Hill Church, Seattle, WA:  Training in Biblically Based Response to 
Trauma and Disaster for Hatian Pastors

May 6  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA:  Marriage Tune Up

May 23  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

May 24-29  STEP Seminary, Port du Prince, Haiti:  Pastor’s Conference

July 11  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

July 18  Calvary Memorial Church, Philadelphia, PA 

July 25  Beadle Memorial Presbyterian Church, Cape May Point, NJ

August 15  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

September 5  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

November 1  Lower Bucks Grief Share

October 24  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

December 5  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

December 26  Warrington Fellowship Church, Warrington, PA     


January 29  Addictions Victorious Training Conference  Introduction to Biblical, Heart Based Counseling

February 5  Harvest Community Church, Maytown, PA  Marriage Enrichment Seminar

February 24 to 27  International Critical Incident Stress Foundation Conference, Baltimore  MD:  Responding to the PTS Needs of Pastors in Haiti.

March 9  Community Bible Church, Marietta, PA:  Counseling Inservice for Pastoral Staff

March 22  Emergency Preparedness Conference:  Planning for the Faith Community, Montgomery County Fire Academy, Conshohocken, PA:  Post-Traumatic Stress

April 17  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

May 11  Community Bible Church, Marietta, PA  Counseling Inservice for Pastoral Staff

June 19  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

June 26  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA 

July 3  Beadle Memorial Church, Cape May Point, NJ

August 23  Calvary Memorial Church, Philadelphia, PA

September 11  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

September 11  Community 9-11 Service, Upper Moreland High School 

October 9  East Swamp Church, Quakertown, PA

October 12  Community Bible Church, Marietta, PA  Pastoral Staff Counseling Inservice

December 24  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA  


January 16  Huntingdon Valley Fire Company, Post-Traumatic Stress

February 9  MOPS of Southampton, PA  Enhancing Intimacy in Marriage

February 22  Prime Timers, Davisville Church

March 2  Davisville Church, Men’s Ministry, Being a Courageous Dad

March 4  Davisville Church, Emotionally Destructive Marriages

March 11  Davisville Church, Emotionally Destructive Marriages

April 8  Calvary Memorial Church, Philadelphia, PA

April 15  Calvary Memorial Church, Philadelphia, PA

April 22  Calcvary Memorial Church, Philadelphia, PA

April 27-29 Community Bible Church, Marietta PA, Men’s Retreat

May 5  Calvary Memorial Church, Philadelphia, PA

May 20  Calvary Memorial Church, Philadelphia, PA

June 1  Int’l Association of Fire Chiefs, Eastern Division Conference

June 3  Calvary Memorial Church, Philladelphia, PA

June 10  Calvary Memorial Church, Philadelphia, PA

June 17  Calvary Memorial Church, Philadelphia, PA

July 1  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

July 8  Calvary Memorial Church, Philadelphia, PA

July 22  Beadle Memorial Church, Cape May Point, NJ

July 29  Calvary Memorial Church, Philadelphia, PA

August 5  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

August 19  Davisville Church, Southampton, PA

October 7  Davisville Church, Southamtpon, PA

October 26  Marriage Tune-Up, Davisville Church, Southampton PA

November 11  East Swamp Church, Quakertown, PA

November 25  Calvary Memorial Church, Philadelphia, PA

December 16  East Swamp Church, Quakertown, PA 

December 30  Warrington Fellowship, Warrington, PA